Significance of English Grammar with Some Funny Stories

There is no doubt that English grammar is the key to write either the good to read on unattractive content. A well-written page of text content requires lot of attention to the grammar. From the tenses to the nouns, everything needs to be focused properly for creating the worth reading content.

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When you write the text content full of grammatical errors, the first major issue is the bad impression in front of readers. There are also chances of quick disapprovals without giving you turn of fixing the errors. If your job is more related to the writing work, you can never excel in this profession or can’t get the increment in salary package as well.

Difficulties of English Grammar

It’s true that English grammar is based on many unnecessary rules of writing. It could be simpler so that more people can get command over this language. Most of the people face trouble in understanding the use of future tense to describe the things of past. Therefore, it sometimes become weird.

Now, everyone can change their mood by reading the amazing jokes about English grammar. These jokes are really worth reading because you can also get great knowledge through them. Still, if you need some help you can correct the sentence online with our free tool.

Best Tips to Improve Your Grammar Skills

  • Never give up reading the newspapers and books.
  • Write at least one article daily on any topic in your own words.
  • Try to chat with native English speakers.
  • Use some correct sentence checker.

Few Funny English Grammar Stories

  • Someone has written, “I like cooking my family and my pets”. One has read this line and said, “Use commas, don’t be a psycho”.
  • Every time someone types “to funny”, I immediately picture them, fist in the air, going on a quest to find funny.
  • One cactus was talking to the other one. First said, “Gary, you need to less selfish, remember, its cact-us”. Garry replied, “Sweety, the plural is cact-I”.

Lots of humor about the English grammar is here to add more laugh in your life. Let’s read these funny stories and don’t forget to share with others as well.